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Family right

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Attorneys specializing in Family Law


the end of a cycle

Divorces, Separations and Stable Marriage Dissolutions

RibeiroVeil Advogados is with our clients in the most delicate moments of their lives. We understand what it's like to go through the end of a cycle. Whether in a marriage or in a convivial union, the lawyer must be sensitive to understand the peculiarities of each case. Each divorce is unique and we greatly respect the uniqueness of each story confided to us.

Parents and sons

Guarding, Regulation and Living Adjustments

The hourglass of time has no mercy on humans. There is no greater honor for a father to be able to accompany each stage of his children's growth. Therefore, at RibeiroVeil we understand the magnitude and complexity involved in the relationship of two parents who struggle for the dignity of being closer to their successors. Justice must understand that the details of each case cannot be avoided, otherwise each case becomes a mere detail in the crowd.

what is your legacy

Inheritance, disputes and strategic planning in life

There is no moment more delicate than the death of a loved one. A book interrupted before its last chapter can cause confusion between the incomprehensible and the unacceptable. In respect to family history, RibeiroVeil Advogados' specialists are careful to encourage the family, minimizing the impacts that our country's bureaucracy has on this very dramatic event in anyone's life.

The balance

Increase, decrease, suspension, fixation and collection of alimony

It is on a daily basis that we realize the importance of measuring our daily bread. The balance and weighting must take into account the details and nuances of each concrete case, otherwise the injustice will be decreed with a stroke. The work of the lawyer must be intense and reasonable for those who need to adjust needs and possibilities in family relationships

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