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Who is the property financed after the divorce?

A very frequent question, even for offices and lawyers who do not work so much in the family area, is to know who will keep the property financed when the couple who acquired it decide to divorce.

The equation is not easy, as it involves the two married couples and a bank, which basically lent the couple money to purchase the financed property. In our long trajectory of acting in the Family, we have seen several councils that put the assets of several divorcees at risk.

When you get divorced, it's important to ask a specialist, or rather a specialist's office, for an analysis of all the assets and the property regime of that marriage. It is important that the analysis is carried out by an interdisciplinary team (family member, tax specialist, real estate agent, bank, etc.), as the service can be more economical and safer when hiring an office.

As a general rule, what we see is that the courts have equally divided debts and rights arising from this financing. But that always depends on the case. Therefore, the importance of this analysis, since the wrong strategy can bring an even greater headache to such a delicate moment in the lives of those involved.

Therefore, when in doubt, do not hesitate to contact a trusted office with several specialists.

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